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the artist

Marie Tran has been a makeup artist and hairstylist for over 18 years. Based out in sunny Southern California, she has been pursuing her dream and perfecting her skill ever since. She specializes mainly in bridal but also does fashion, beauty, editorial and film. 
I have always been an artist at heart. Since first grade and all through middle school and high school I would spend hours upon hours drawing, painting and reading. This love turned into my passion of doing makeup and hair and has now become my life. My clients have become a part of me and I hold every one of them dear to me. It’s important for me to build relationships with my clients and makes everything I do so much easier and enjoyable. I am able to find beauty in everyone and I enhance it. I don’t mask it. My style is known to bring out your best features not change them and make you look different. I like to make people look like themselves but fresher, more awake. I’ve dealt with many insecurities growing up and I know what it must feel like, which is why I love what I do so much. When I see a client look into the mirror and hold their head high and swing their hips with confidence, I sure as hell know I’ve done my job.

Never be scared to be different, never be scared to try something different.

You’re still you, and that is all that you need.

My life, love & joy.




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